About us

OpenDoors Housing is a social enterprise set up to help social tenants who are faced with disadvantage through reduced household income. Our primary aim is to help residents to mitigate the significant risks posed by reduced income and prevent homelessness. Some of our activities include supporting residents with; digital inclusion, reducing fuel poverty, managing debt, financial inclusion, assistance with housing options, accessing employment opportunities.

We work on a face to face basis, intensively with residents to explore solutions and take steps to reduce the risks posed to the resident. The ultimate aim is to ensure that residents are able to sustain their tenancies. We are based in South West London and work with Local Authorities and Housing Providers in London & the South East. Our work primarily takes place within residents’ homes although we also make use of community spaces and hubs throughout the local areas where we work.

Using our housing experience and knowledge as well as our excellent partnerships with other providers in the community such as Law Centres, CAB,local landlords, local businesses etc we are able to offer a customer focused package of support tailored to suit the needs of the resident.

We provide a customer focussed service to meet the individual needs of residents. We provide additional support outside of the usual housing management functions. With Money advice being commonly provided, often more intensive support is required to enable residents who are in receipt of a limited income to take steps into employment or access affordable housing that they can sustain longterm. We are independant which puts us at an advantage when seeking to engage with residents. We are able to work with individuals affected by the welfare reforms and reach solutions that will make a difference. We provide a face to face service and are a registered UK Online partner being able to offer City & Guilds qualifications in computer skills to residents.




“I am happy to endorse the professionalism, efficiency and positive help that Open Door Housing can provide. They were instrumental in providing urgent support, professional advice and direct action for one of my relatives in social housing at short notice. They did so sensitively but very effectively and gave her both honest reassurance and ultimately a positive outcome at a time when she was despairing of seeing either.” – Alfredo L Mendes

“Thank you very much for your support and well executed application for top up housing payments, I really appreciate your help”– A Resident

“Thank you so much, without your help I would not have got the job. Thanks for finding me work and supporting me to apply and prepare for my interview” – Mrs T

“I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping me resolve my issues with the (Bedroom Tax) couldnt have done it without you, resulting in a fair and happy ending” – Helen